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Migrating Project Server 2013 Instance Between Environments

If you have Project Server 2013 instance in your organization and you received a request for moving the Project Server Instance from Production to Quality/ Development, Here is a list of full steps for accomplishing the task.

Note : Make sure that your environments are at the same path for SharePoint Server 2013 and Project Server 2013, also I would recommend if you able to take a full backup of the environments .

At first, we need to remove any existing Project Server instance on the target environment, in order to achieve that , do the following

  • Connect to Development/Quality Application server , launch SharePoint 2013 Management Shell , then type the following

    Dismount-SPProjectWebInstance -SiteCollection “http://SPSERVER/PWA”

    Where “http://SPSERVER/PWA” is URl of Project server instance in target environment

    Check Project Server Service Application from Central Administration to make sure that PWA instance has been removed

  • Using SharePoint 2013 management Shell remove existing SharePoint Content DB which hosts PWA Site Collection

    Dismount-SPContentDatabase “<DB Name>”

  • Backup the SharePoint Content DB which hosting PWA and Site Collection and Project Server Service DB from Production Server (Source ) to be restored at Quality/Development (Destination Server)
  • Restore the two databases into SQL at Quality/Development (Destination), once restored, give the correct permission on the restored DBs, in my environment, I have Farm Account is MUSP_Qfarm, I gave him (dbo) permission on the restored DBs.

  • Mount Restored Content DB to web application which will host PWA at quality/development environment (destination)
Mount-SPContentDatabase "MyDatabase" -DatabaseServer "MyServer" -WebApplication http://sitename
  • Now, mounting the restored Project Web App Database to the web application

Mount-SPProjectDatabase -Name “Name of the restored Project Web App database to mount” –WebApplication “Web Application ULR that the Project Web App database will mount to” –DatabaseServer “Test / Dev SQL Server where the database was restored

  • Provisioning the PWA Site Collection in the web application
  • Mount-SPProjectWebInstance –DatabaseName “Name of the restored Project Web App database to mount” –SiteCollection “web application URL + PWA path” –DatabaseServer “Test / Dev SQL Server where the database was restored

Post Migration Steps

After Provisioning Project Server Instance on Quality/Development Environment (destination) , you need to change Project Web App Administrator Account to farm account on destination environment .

  1. Go to Central Administration -> Manage Service Apps -> Project Server Service App
  2. Choose to edit your project server instance.
  3. Modify the Administrator Account to be correct account for the destination environment




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