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Microsoft Monday June 2012

Microsoft Mondays – What’s next with Windows 8


 Event ID: 1032514659

 Language(s):  English.

Product(s):  Microsoft technologies and Windows 8.

Audience(s):  Pro Dev/Programmer.

 In this saession we will show Microsoft’s new operating system “Windows 8” and move on to the step of building a great app that integrates with Windows 8 experiences and that has great user interaction. Metro is our new design and you’ll see the future of development in Metro Style Aplications. Then we will share how easy and agile it is to develop an application for new Interface with your existing development skills. Please join us to see this exiting moment on this new platform and the opportunies coming in!

Registration Here


Microsoft Mondays – Introducing SQL Server Data Tools


Event ID: 1032510898

Product(s):  Microsoft SQL Azure, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Audience(s):  IT Decision Maker, IT Manager and Pro Dev/Programmer.

 Microsoft Mondays – Introducing SQL Server Data Tools

Registration Here


Microsoft Mondays – Office 2010 deployment at Microsoft


Event ID: 1032514918

Product(s):  Microsoft Office 2010 suites.

Audience(s):  IT Manager.


Microsoft Mondays – SharePoint Online: Developer Extensability and Customization

Event ID: 1032514147

Product(s):  Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Audience(s):  Architect, IT Decision Maker and Pro Dev/Programmer.

In this session we will address all levels of what customers can do, and be clear on what scenarios are not supported. This session will be based on demos on how developers can develop sandbox solutions and use them on SharePoint Online. This session will also highlight the imporatance of SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model in developing apps for SharePoint Online.

Registration Here

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