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CAML Designer Version for SharePoint Server 2010

Now, a new version of  U2U Caml Query Tool has ben released by  Karine Bosch . Now , this tool has improved with new capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010 , like if you want to connect remotly through Caml tool to your SharePoint server you can use either Web Service or Client .Net Client object model also plus many additional features.

you can download this tool from  Belux Information Worker User Group


Full Explanation Here 





Customizing list forms using InfoPath Designer 2010

May 17, 2012 1 comment

If you want to get acceptable UI of SharePoint list forms , if you want reorganize the layout of SharePoint list forms , just you can customize list Edit\New\Display Form individually in InfoPath designer 2010 .

Customizing list forms is very easy with InfoPath 2010.  A “Customize Form” option is provided along with the list properties as below screen

In InfoPath designer 2010 you can customize all list forms such as New form, Display Form, and Edit Form as we see in the following scenario.

Suppose you have a list called (Employee) and you want to customize each of Edit\New\Display form in this list. so , e we will do the following steps :-

1-   Go to Employee List, and click on List Tab in ribbon , you will see group called “ Customize List “ which contains “Customize Form “ Option as below screen

2-   Click on “Customize Form” button , info path designer will open with default form of current list

3-   Now, as we told above we want to customize all list New \ Display \ Edit Forms , so we need to create 3 new view from info path designer 2010 as below screen, from “Page Design “ Tab , we click on “ New View “ , we will do previous steps 3 times

a-    Create First View , I gave it “ New View “ name.

Then customize this new view as you need, my customization as below

b-   Create Display View , , I gave it “ Display View “ name.

Then customize this Display view as you need, my customization as below

c-    Create Edit View , I gave it “ Edit View “ name.

Then customize this Display view as you need, my customization as below

4-   Now , we have created 3 new form to be used with employee List instead of default forms . now , we will publish these new forms at SharePoint server

5-   Now , all new forms published at SharePoint, now next step is replacing default forms with our new forms . as the following

a-    Open your SharePoint site , and go to our employee list , then from ribbon , in Customize List group , in case you want to replace default form with new view as below screen

When click on (item) New Form , below screen will open , as you see red box ,from web part properties , select the new view you want to display

Now, when you click on New Item link , the new form will appear instead of default on

To replace other forms (display \ Edit) , do previous steps .

SharePoint 2013 Screenshots


As you See SharePoint 2013, now adorned with Microsoft’s Metro UI scheme






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