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Microsoft Product Roadmap 2011-2014

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ListingSummary webparts don’t work after upgrading to SharePoint 2010

April 5, 2012 2 comments

If you upgrade your portal from  SharePoint Point 2003 to SharePoint Server will face many issues , especially if you are using Listing Summary web parts in SharePoint Portal 2003, because when you upgrade from SharePoint 2003 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 , you find that the listing summery web part is obsolete now in MOSS 2007 and it’s replaced by Content Query Webpart

This following article shows the listingsummary class as obsolete in 2007.

also, if you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 and your content Database still have references to this web parts type. You will get an exception as the following

“Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type could not be found or it is not registered as safe.”

You can solve this issue as the following :-

1-      In MOSS 2007 Environment, export this type of webparts

2-      Edit exported file, you will find a reference as below

Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.ListingSummary, Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c

3-      Delete above reference , and add the following reference

Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.WebControls.ContentByQueryWebPart, Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c

And import it in the same place in SharePoint Server 2010

Apply  above steps to all webpart of this type, then you will find that your portal woring fine

SharePoint Server 2010 Cannot Load Homepage After upgradeing from MOSS 2007

April 5, 2012 9 comments

We have faced an issue while upgrading SharePoint Portal 2003 to SharePoint Server 2010 .

In this case  we have 2 pahse of upgrade , 1st  phase is upgrading from SharePoint Portal 2003 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, then 2nd phase in upgrading from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010 .

As we know, there were a huge  differences between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007  version and SharePoint Portal 2003 version in Architecture Information level such as master pages , page layouts , Shared Service Provider ,..  plus there many features added to MOSS 2007 Version such as InfoPath Forms, BCD,..

So when we upgrade from SharePoint Portal 2003 to MOSS 2007 , many  classes and web parts were replaced with a new classes in MOSS 2007 such  as HomePage this class was used in SharePoint Portal 2003 and it’s deprecated in MOSS 2007 ( a reference to this  class in home page  was the reason  in Loading Home Page Exception after upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010)

In our case , we upgrade 1st Phase successfully without any issue except some adjustment in home page UI , the portal after is working fine and all sites and inner page  also.

Moving to SharePoint Server 2010 was a problem , because as I mentioned above many classes come from SharePoint Portal 2003  is deprecated in Moss 2007 and  there are no references to them in SharePoint 2010 Dlls. As we doing an upgrade , the references to these classes are still exist in content DB, so an exception has occurred in loading home Page and inner pages.

So , in 2nd phase of Upgrade ( Upgrade Moss 2007 to SP 2010 ) , below Exception appear in loading Portal home Page

Could not load type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.HomePage’ from assembly ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’ “

This issue was ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.HomePage’ is obsolete, and it is no longer existing in the ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’, however, it is existing in ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c’.
In this case, it seems you are using the ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.HomePage’ control in the SharePoint 2007(I mean Microsoft Office SharePoint Server(MOSS) 2007). After upgrading, the SharePoint 2010 tries to load the ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.HomePage’ from the assembly with version However, it is not existing. That is what the error means.

So to fix the issue, you need to remove the ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.HomePage’ from SharePoint 2007, and then upgrade the site again.

SharePoint 2010 Calendar features

April 5, 2012 2 comments

SharePoint 2010 introduce group of enhanced features in Calendar , here I’m trying to cover all these features.

One of the most popular feature is the Ribbon interface , where you can access most of calendar functionality easier than the need to drill down to the list.


Let us display list of feature with some screen shots

1-     Scope

This feature give us the ability of displaying the calendar in Month, Week, or Day View.


2-     Expand

If you have multiple appointment or events in specific day , and you want to display all these events instead of summery view, just you use ExpandAll or CollapseAll

3-     Calendars Overlay

The Calendars Overlay feature in SharePoint 2010 allows you to display items from one or more calendars in the same calendar view.


 Let us display an example for this feature, say you want to display exchange calendar events  here in SharePoint Calendar .

a-      Open the SharePoint calendar  –> Calendar Tools –> Calendar Overlay –>New Calendar,


b-     Fill in the :

  • Name: Give a name to this calendar
  • Type: Select Exchange
  • Outlook Web Access URL: the OWA url of your organization.
  • Exchange Web Service URL: which can be determined as follows:

If your OWA URL is, then the Exchange web Service URL would be

(in other words, from the OWA URL , remove the trailing “owa” and add “ews/exchange.asmx”)


c-      The result view will be as the following

4-     Manage views

You can create or update views for the calendar , also you can create new column


5-     Share & Track

Here , users can subscribe in this calendar to get notifications if any events added also, they can setup RSS feature also from the same tab


6-     Connect & Export

If you want to synchronize SharePoint calendar with outlook  calendar , just click on ” connect to Outlook”, also we can export to Excel, and to synchronize SharePoint calendar with Access

7-     Customize List

You can customize list or list forms page using SharePoint designer or InfoPath.


8-     Settings: List Settings, Permissions, and Workflow Settings